Saturday, December 30, 2006

Paul and Sandy's Christmas Gig

For the last 8 years Paul Champion and Sandy Cenin have teamed up to play a Christmas show for their friends at the Prince Albert Hotel. Having been living overseas for all of that time I never got a chance to see them until this year.

The above vid was shot on my mobile phone, hence the rotten quality, but hey - that's what blogging is all about eh.



Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trying out Azureus


I just downloaded Azureus sort of like YouTube ot Google Video but in a standalone application rather than being web based. It used the BitTorrent system as an underlying transport architecture so in theory should be much faster than other online video systems. Like Google Video it allows high res versions of your films and has no file size or length limits.

The film I've just uploaded was shot and edited by me in 2004 and documents my usual trip back then to work before I started cycling to Hoofddorp every day. Now I live in Australia and work for Carbon Planet so I guess I should actually make an updaed version of this. The music was written and composed by me too.

Enjoy - Dave